Tuesday, 6 July 2010

For Sorting


The Full Text of the Speech by Sheikh
Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Darley Flying Start, new
education programme for racing industry.

Owners and breeders the Marchioness of Tavistock
highlighting the dangers
to both horse and man of a long unbroken period of

Luca Cumani quote “We
are running Formula 1 teams but paying the wages of a local mechanic,
trainers are caught in the middle.”

Charlie Brook's book “Crossing the Line” in
particular Chapter 11 pages 229 to 236 quote “ With people of that quality
seeping out of the industry, who is going to look after the thoroughbred
population in years to come ?”

Harvey Smith
Radical change is needed

Maria McCabe 'Is the BHB living in the real world ?'

Published in the Racing Post 27.01.05 Lee Mottershead
reports on the launch of The Godolphin Awards: ‘Who will you vote for in
the Stable Staff of the Year Awards ?’

Generously sponsored by Godolphin to be run by the BHB,and the Racing
Post, a gift that will carry, a total of £50,000 in prizes and prize
money each year, ongoing over three years.

there a CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD OR MISLEAD against the British Jockey Club
over four decades of licensing trainers without paying
due care and attention to trainers’ team personnel?

Andrew Appleby: Authorities must fulfil their

Significant steps achieved
to date December 25th 2004
in addressing the plight of the ‘PROVIDORS’
all those who work at the dangerous sharp end to include the horses

Bill O'Gorman:
Better training the only way in face of fixtures overload

Tony Verdie stable staff
don't need unionisation, just ability to walk away from a
bad employer.

J.Margaret Clarke for and on behalf of
Turfcall: what is this if not exploitation?

we're running just to stand

J Margaret Clarke for and on behalf of
problems have long extisted

The Turfcall Blueprint ‘Urgent
Red Alert’ a dying profession February 14th 2001

The Tote: Peter Walwyn on why
the Tote should be left alone or brought under a trust

Hamas partnered by Steven Varley preparing to run, to win the July Cup 4-9-6

Quotes: the oldest and the

Turfcall submission to BHB
Stable & Stud Staff Commission

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